We are pleased we are now currently in the Amber Readiness Level, which means face to face activities can resume outdoors and indoors with an approved Risk Assessment.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct, Behaviour and Commitment

Code of Conduct

  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Mobile phones (if brought) will be turned off during meetings.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Be quiet at flag break and flag down.
  • Do as you are asked by your Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader and the leaders.
  • Respect other people’s personal space and possessions.
  • If the person in charge raises their hand then you do the same and listen to what is said.


  • One of the ingredients of a good Scout Troop is underlying discipline.
  • All Scouts are expected to behave appropriately and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • The Troop Code of Conduct will be followed.

3 Warnings System

Warnings will be given for:

  • Swearing
  • Bullying
  • Vandalism
  • Not doing as asked

As each warning is given you will be spoken to about why you have been given a warning. If you are given 3 warnings for the same thing you will sit out of the activity for 10 minutes and the leaders will speak to you about your behaviour. If you have to sit out for 3 weeks running then your parents will be informed. You may also be asked to stay away from Scouts for a week.


We would hope for the following to be the minimum commitment from a Scout.

  • Attend all Scout meetings unless ill or away and to notify us if they are unable to attend.
  • Take part in at least one overnight event each year.
  • Take part in St George’s Day Parade in April.
  • Attend the Remembrance Day Service in November.

A large number of events are organised for Scouts in the troop. It is hoped that the Scouts will want to take advantage of the activities on offer to them. If Scouts have to miss meetings due to schoolwork or sports commitment, they should talk to the leaders. Scouts who miss three meetings in any month will forfeit their place in the troop unless they contact their Patrol Leader or Scout Leader before the event. All the leaders are volunteers who give up their time in order to run these activities.