We are pleased we are now currently in the Amber Readiness Level, which means face to face activities can resume outdoors and indoors with an approved Risk Assessment.


Explorers meet once a week in their Unit. As a Explorer Unit we are fairly busy and active. We offer as wide a range of activities as we can and try to spend as much time outdoors as possible in the lighter summer months.




This will be handed out at the beginning of every term and details the activities and events that are on for the Explorers, including Tuesday evening meetings, any camps and weekend activities. Whilst we always try to stick to the programme there are some occasions when it is not possible, however the venue of a meeting will not change without us notifying you. These programmes are made using the ideas and events that the explorers want to do.




We offer lots of different camping experiences, not all of which suit all theExplorers. 

A camp/sleepover will be planned in advance and will normally be detailed on the programme.  You will receive a more detailed letter about the camp including details of where, when, kit needed and cost.

This year the explorers are working towards their Quartermaster Badge, Scouting Skills Badge


(some activities will require an additional cost- you will be informed in advance)


The evening usually consists of: 


– Flag Break

– A game

– The evening’s main activity which is normally linked to Badge work

– Another game 

– Flag Down and notices