We are pleased we are now currently in the Amber Readiness Level, which means face to face activities can resume outdoors and indoors with an approved Risk Assessment.


Flag Up  Ceremony


‘Grand Howl’– Cubs stand in a circle around the Akela

On the Leaders signal (raising and lowering arms), the Cubs squat down, hands between feet.

All Cubs: Akela, we’ll do our BEST.  (Ah–kay-la!–We-e-e-e-ll do-o-o-o o-o-u-u-r BEST)

Spring to feet

Leading Cub (Duty Sixer or Seconder): Salutes Cubs! Do your BEST

All Cubs: Salute We WILL do our BEST

And the Leader takes the salute

(New members and Beavers not invested in Cubs are expected just to stand with their hands down by their sides during this ceremony.)

The Pack is asked to face the flag at this point.

The Leading Cub walks up to the flag and pulls on the halyard or ‘breaking’ rope to ‘break’ or let the flag unfold.

Once it has unfolded, the leading Cub backs away a few steps and with the Pack salutes flag.

The Cub then returns to his or her Six and the Pack is stood ‘at ease’.

Information about the evening is often given out at this point before the pack is asked to move to their Sixer area from the circle for inspection.




We are trying to get the Cubs to take responsibility for themselves, take a pride in how they look and to respect the Group by wearing the scarves tidily and neatly rolled.

 The sixes are expected to line up in their sixer corner stand quietly and orderly.

 When a Leader comes to inspect the Leader will says “Six”  to the Sixer then Sixer Steps forward Salutes and says “Colour of Six alert” eg.  “Green Six”  “Alert”

 All Cubs should stand up straight and still with their hand down at their sides. The leader will then inspect each Cub they will be asked to show their hands but apart from this they should stay in the Alert position until the inspection in completed.

 Points will be awarded to the Cubs for each item of uniform that is neat and tidy and also for clean faces and hands. 

 Badges previously handed out will be expected to be sewn on by a few weeks later. 


Flag down ceremony:


The pack is assembled again in the circle shape. Notices or information are often given out at this point before the pack is brought back to the alert

 Grand Howl is repeated

 The Leading Cub walks to the flag, unties the rope holding it in position and lowers the flag slowly, ensuring that it does not touch the ground, which is considered disrespectful.

 The Cub then stands back, still facing the flag, and at the alert for a few seconds. No salute is given at this time. He or she then returns to their Six before the Pack is dismissed.

 The Pack is asked to turn to the Right and dismissed.